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Aug 03, Fri 2018  |  Svetvinčenat

Svetvinčenat Medieval Festival

An event during which the Middle Ages are recreated in the old centre of Svetvinčenat, providing a scenic portrayal of the past, the local culture, and customs. A hundred costumed participants, nobles, street performers, knights, archers, and more, will take part in the three-day festival.

Time & place

Aug 3 - 5, 2018 at 10:00am - 12:00am CEST

Svetvinčenat, 52342, Svetvinčenat, Croatia

About the event

The Medieval Festival was held for the first time in 2011, to great reception by visitors, especially children who had the opportunity to witness something completely new and different. During the three days, thematically divided into a Family Day, Day of Chivalry, and a Day of Legends, over two hundred costumed participants – nobles, street performers, knights, archers, cavalrymen and medieval ladies – create a special experience of time travel for all visitors.

A rich and diverse programme has been conceived in order to interest a wide audience, starting with a parade of ladies, lords, knights, archers, and cavalrymen through Svetvinčenat. The significance of the festival becomes clearer when taking into account that a large number of participants comes from neighbouring countries (Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia).

Throughout the three-day festival, tournament duels of knights, firearms (cannons and guns) demonstrations, and fire night shows (fire arrows and balls), a tournament with jousting, sabring and the Saracen Race (according to a local legend about a Svetvinčenat cavalryman), spirited plays for children, and thematic workshops for children and adults (fresco painting and making clay souvenirs) will take place.

Besides the entertainment, street performers, acrobats, magicians, and medieval devices, there will also be a mini ZOO with domestic animals, a presentation of nearly forgotten games, sampling of natural drinks, and similar interesting curiosities from medieval and renaissance times.

The more mature guests and adrenaline seekers can participate in archery and fencing workshops, and knife and axe throwing workshops, try out their skill in throwing spears or watch how catapults, medieval torture devices, siege devices, and cannons work.

An especially interesting and attractive part of the programme is a play based on the legend of the witch Mara from Svetvinčenat and her inquisition (according to the legend of the witch Marija Radoslović who was, as the story goes, burned at the castle).

The story about the unknown Svetvinčenat chevalier is another famous story/legend about Svetvinčenat. According to the legend, at a chivalry tournament there were 16 chevaliers, and the winner of the tournament – an “unknown chevalier”, did not want to raise his visor and reveal his identity but just disappeared. The chevalier’s identity is still not known today, or the reasons for him to hide it.

The festival brings something new every year, and visitors can view two catapults, a trebuchet, and an inquisition device – the “wheel of truth”, and also relax to medieval evening entertainment and dance.

At Placa, just in front of the entrance to the castle, a medieval fair of authentic products will be held, with the added authenticity of a local storyteller, entertainers, and actors, and with medieval music in the background. During the festival, the central spot will also be given to a culinary show, with dishes and drinks prepared according to original medieval recipes. These, already forgotten, dishes were mostly prepared with wild herbs that are today, unfortunately, used less and less. By demonstrating how these wild herbs were used, we are trying to raise the awareness of our visitors on the potential of nature, and what it can still offer us today, and simultaneously contribute to preserving the natural heritage of this region. Three hunting associations from Istria will take care of the culinary offer, besides local caterers. Wild game dishes will also be prepared at the Castle, where Grimani wine from the Matošević and Morosini wine cellars by the Živolić family farm will be presented.

Izradu internetske stranice sufinancirala je Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

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