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KulTERRA – Revitalisation of the Istrian Castles Morosini-Grimani and Petrapilosa



The implementation of the integrated development programme “KulTERRA - Revitalisation of the Istrian Castles Morosini-Grimani and Petrapilosa” started in December. The projects involve investments into cultural heritage through the integration of various but connected activities in order to improve the management of cultural goods in Svetvinčenat and Buzet but also make them part of sustainable culture tourism.

The leading partner of the “KulTERRA” Project is the Svetvinčenat Municipality with 11 partners from the public, private, and civil sectors, thus ensuring long-term sustainability by connecting the local community with a private sector and public administration policies, at a local and regional level.  

The integrated development programme KulTERRA – Revitalisation of Istrian Castles Morosini-Grimani and Petrapilosa includes the reconstruction of two monuments of culture, development of cultural, educational, and presentation content inside the castles, establishment and exhibition of the Ferlin weapon collection inside Morosini-Grimani Castle, and the opening of a presentation centre of indigenous food products – the tasting room of Central Istria in Morosini-Grimani Castle.



The “Captain’s Room” exhibition space will be established and furnished to show how the castle captain’s room used to look like. An exhibition space for presenting traditions and old wedding customs in order to preserve intangible cultural heritage, and a space for organising various events (festivals, conferences, fairs), equipped with all the necessary equipment, will also be established.

Furthermore, a souvenir shop and a presentation centre – the tasting room of Central Istria with a selection of premium Istrian products from Central and South Istria, will be opened in the Castle.  


The project intends to raise the attractiveness and distinctiveness of the Svetvinčenat Municipality and the town of Buzet through the valorisation of cultural heritage of the Morosini-Grimani and Petrapilosa castles, for the purpose of social and economic development. The end purpose of the project is for Svetvinčenat and Buzet to become a cultural and heritage tourism destination throughout the entire year (365), owing to a complete renovation and furnishing of both Castles in order to create a foundation for the implementation of the Integrated Development Programme of the destination.

New souvenirs and products inspired by cultural heritage such as picture books, board games, and other products for children developed on the basis of traditional beliefs in supernatural beings, and various other souvenirs inspired by historical figures. Besides the souvenirs, various shows, plays, and events of living history will be conceptually designed, and new tourism products will be developed: wines, a tasting room, tourism interpretations services, the Room Escape Game, conferences, projections, fairs, culinary shows, and similar.

From a broader perspective, the implementation of the project will encourage the economic growth of the local community and thus lead to prosperity and the improvement of living standards, and create attractive tourist destinations to draw a larger number of visitors and increase the number of overnight stays.

A positive economic impact on the local economy through the activities and results of the project is expected, by increasing self/employment, strengthening cultural and other tourist activities, and increasing the demand for merchandise and services of third parties as a consequence of a growing number of visitors, foreign investments, and the synergistic effect on other tourism attractions and destinations in the vicinity, and similar.



Total value of the “KulTERRA” Project amounts to HRK 22,594,779.13, of which HRK 19,204,801.29 (85% of the amount) were secured by a European Union grant of the European Regional Development Fund.  



The implementation period of the project is from December 1, 2016 to June 1, 2019.




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