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Sep 21, Fri 2018  |  Svetvinčenat

Cheese Festival | Svetvinčenat

The 7th edition of the international Cheese Festival will be held in Svetvinčenat on 21 and 22 September, 2018. Numerous cheese makers await you at the Castle, while indigenous Istrian products will be exhibited at the square just in front of the Castle.

Time & place

Sep 21 - 22, 2018 at 7:00pm - 11:30pm CEST

Svetvinčenat, 52342, Svetvinčenat, Croatia

About the event

The Cheese Festival gathers about 30 cheese makers from the entire country and is one of the largest fairs of cheese makers in Croatia. The emphasis is on smaller family cheese factories that justify the expectations of the festival with the exceptional quality of their products. At the fair, visitors can sample and buy not only cheese but other dairy products such as cheese curd, yogurt, cream, and similar. The event lasts two days, and a fair of old crafts and Istrian souvenirs, and the election of the Most Beautiful Goat of Istria will also be held.

The Best Goat (Najkoza) event is when the most beautiful and best goat, i.e., Miss Goat Istria, is selected. The event is organised by the Svetvinčenat Tourist Board, as part of the Cheese Festival in Svetvinčenat. Approximately a dozen goat keepers with about thirty goats have confirmed their participation. Goat cheese and goat milk product tastings, a competition in milking goats, and performances by the Art and Culture Society of Svetvinčenat and their junior and senior dance groups will also take place as well as the obligatory ex-tempora, the art and literary workshop for school-age children. The Best Goat provides a fun and unique experience for its numerous guests. The competition is divided into five categories: Miss Goat Istria, Miss Goat Congeniality, Miss Most Authentic Goat, Miss Goat with the Largest Teats, and Mister Goat.

The Festival of Istrian Souvenirs (Mrkat istrijanskega dela) is part of the offer of the Cheese Festival that has cultural, economic, educational, and tourist characteristics, attested by its preservation of cultural and historical heritage of Istrian crafts, stimulation of the development and survival of old and traditional crafts, increased employment in crafts, promotion of tourism values and potentials, improvement of tourism supply, promotion of souvenirs, and the revitalisation of old and traditional crafts. During the event, about a dozen of old Istrian crafts and trades will be presented, such as blacksmiths, stonemasons, pasta makers, carpenters, and about 30 exhibitors will present Istrian products made of stone, olive wood, honey, cheese, oil, and homemade brandies. The festival’s objective is to preserve the local identity and culture of Istria, stimulate the production of indigenous products, improve the quality of homemade products and thus their competitiveness, promote indigenous customs, culture and products of Istria, and promote Istria itself, especially Svetvinčenat, as a tourist destination. In terms of visitor numbers, the Cheese Festival is one of the most visited events in Istria.

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