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Oct 29, Tue 2018  |  Svetvinčenat

Young Wine Festival

Young Wine Festival has been held in Svetvinčenat for about forty years. The event’s main activity, as its name indicates, is the presentation, tasting, and the evaluation of young wine presented by winemakers from the entirety of Istria County.

Time & place

Oct 29, 2019 at 6:00pm CET

Svetvinčenat, 52342, Svetvinčenat, Croatia

About the event

Besides for winemakers, this event is intended for all connoisseurs and lovers of wine from Istria County and the wider region.

The central event of the Young Wine Festival is the exhibition and tasting of young wines that gathers about thirty of the best winemakers of Istria. The event’s goal is to present the entire year of work and the invested efforts and knowledge of winemakers by introducing young wines. Besides wine presentations, judges and visitors will also evaluate young wine for the first time. Visitors will get a tasting glass and will be able to taste wines of their choice. With the glass, they will get an evaluation form which they can use to vote for, in their opinion, the best young wine. The goal of the event is to promote wine and wine culture in Istria as one of the main products of the region. The event is the place of meeting for Istrian winemakers to exchange knowledge, motivate competitiveness, and, finally, raise the level of quality of the production and the varietals of Istrian wines. Especially important is the direct interaction of visitors with winemakers who know best how to promote and present their wines. The Young Wine Festival has a special place among the multitude of young wine shows held in Istria, by gathering winemakers from various terroirs and vineyards of Istria.

Furthermore, it has evolved from a 40-year-old tradition of exhibiting and tasting young wines and is a symbol of preserving that tradition.

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