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Experience the Morosini-Grimani Castle with an original and adrenaline-filled “escape” adventure

Strange incidents have been occurring at the Morosini-Grimani Castle in Svetvinčenat, ever since the Venetians ruled the region. People were born and died, loved and hated, fought and traded here…

Three hundred years ago, an unknown knight won the tournament. Instead of claiming his prize and revealing his identity, he rode away into the sunset, leaving behind a legend and 7 chivalry trials.

Many years of conflict have destroyed the castle. It was burnt down twice but still dominates over Svetvinčenat, defying the march of time. The castle walls guard the secret of the unknown knight, a mystery that still has not been solved. Can you prove you are worthy of knighthood and decipher the secret message inscribed in stone?

An unforgettable adventure is waiting for you!

What is the ESCAPE CASTLE?

As opposed to classic “escape room” games, Svetvinčenat Escape Castle includes the entire Morosini-Grimani Castle, the info point, all 3 towers, the dungeon, armoury, and the throne room in the game. During or after the game, visitors can try out various medieval torture devices, explore the gallery, buy a souvenir, or check out the imposing medieval arms. Even though there is no time limit, the teams should aim to solve the game as soon as possible in order to earn a spot on the Grimani wall of fame!

The games are logical but require the cooperation of players; therefore, the optimal number of team members is between 2 and 5 members; however, this does not have to be the maximum number of players. Up to 7 teams can play simultaneously, so split up into teams and find out who’s the best!


Besides having fun with your friends, the game is a great gift for birthdays or parties, team building activities and… if you would like to propose to the love of your life, we can even hide the engagement ring for you!

Don’t wait for another moment and embark on a medieval adventure…




Svetvinčenat Escape Castle – the cost per player is HRK 50.00

The moderator of the game, that is, the game master, will introduce you to the rules of the game and ask you to sign a confidentiality statement (you also, we are sure, wouldn’t like it if someone revealed the solutions and ruined your fun), and then the game starts.


Escape Castle Svetvinčenat,

Svetvinčenat 47, Svetvinčenat

T: +385 (0)52 384 318


We are located in Morosini-Grimani Castle,

at the main square in Svetvinčenat.


Summer opening hours: MON – SUN, 10:00h – 21:00h

Other months: on request

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Savičenta d.o.o., Svetvinčenat 47,

52 342 Svetvinčenat

Izradu internetske stranice sufinancirala je Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

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