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Jun 09, Sat 2018  |  Hum


In the past, almost all settlements had their own prefects. An older and experienced man with a reputation as a good master and an honest and respectable member of the county and village community would be elected prefect.

Time & place

Jun 9, 2018 at 8:00am CEST

Hum, 52425, Hum, Croatia

About the event

The position of the municipality and village prefect has slowly lost its importance and with time disappeared from daily life. It was preserved only in Hum as a tradition, of electing the prefect for the year, renewed in 1977.

The Day of Hum, the smallest town in the world, and the traditional election of prefects are celebrated every year, on the second Saturday in June. On that day, the town head, that is, the prefect, is chosen at the town loggia. Twelve local judges, elected for a few years, pick the prefect. The current prefect brings the prefect’s staff to the election, and reports on the past year and the events which were important for the Hum community. After the general public confirms the judges, two prefect candidates are suggested. The current prefect takes the raboš, the rectangular rod for voting, on which a judge will notch the votes with a billhook. The candidate with the most votes will be chosen the new prefect. The old prefect will count the notches and proclaim his successor, who, as is custom, will treat all the attendees with wine, cheese, and homemade bread.

The prefect takes care of the town order and cleanliness, manages public works, solves disputes and conflicts between the residents, and imposes fines on unruly locals who disturb the peace in Hum and the neighbouring villages.

After Hum gets a new prefect, the traditional meet up of a cappella groups, who sing the old way, without any instruments, starts.

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